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Cooling Coil & Condenser

Commercial Air conditioner Coils

Enggtemp are available for commercial and industrial rerigeration and air conditioning applications.

Condenser Coil Manufacturer

Evaporated Cooling Coils

Unique interlaced circuiting options assure uniform refrigerant distribution over the entire face area of the coil. Wide fin spacing availability reduces the affect of frost build-up on low temperature applications.

Evaporated Cooling Coils

Chilled water Cooling coils

heating and cooling coils can fill requirements for any design load Available in 2 to 10 rows Intermediate drain headers available.

Chilled water Cooling coils
Industrial Cabinet Cooling Coil

Chilled Water Basic coil has copper tubes and aluminium fins with copper headers. Designed to be efficient, durable and cost competitive.

Pharmaceutical Process Food Point-of-Sale Food Storage Food Processing Military Vehicle Pharmaceutical Storage Medical Process Industrial Process.

Industrial Cabinet Cooling Coil
Hot Water coils

Designed for use with hot water, glycol solutions, or steam, type HW coils feature continuous circuit tubes with return bends. Manifold pipe headers are either steel or non-ferrous and are sized for minimal pressure loss. Basic coil has copper tubes and aluminum fins with copper headers.

Designed to be efficient, durable and cost competitive. Thicker tube wall and stronger brazed joints are used if entering water temperature is over 160 F.

Hot Water coils
Booster coils

Duct booster coils are for use with hot water or steam, with 1 or 2 rows of continuous tubes and return bends. Female-threaded connections are provided at the inlet and outlet tube locations,in lieu of manifold headers.

Booster coils
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